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The House of Shadows is a little known faction within the Circle of the Crone whose reputation is growing daily. Their goals and origins remain something of a mystery. It is known that the enigmatic Nosferatu known as Body Count seemed to form the House in June 2005 (NEGLECt) in Chicago, IL after an expressed frustration directed at the leadership of the Circle regarding threats from the Brood and VII. The House is known to pursue and destroy the Circle's enemies with little regard to personal safety or gain.



  • From left to right: Rose Nevar (Danielle Chaney), Body Count (Josh Chaney), Satish (Jason Stafford)


  • From left to right: Esmond Draca (Shannon Wood), Rose Nevar (Danielle Chaney)


  • Several rare bloodlines are rumored to number amongst the growing membership, which could be as great as 20 individuals.
  • The members of the House, or Telal as they're called are said to house some of the Circle's most skilled assassins.
  • Their doesn't appear to be a dominant religion amongst the group, just the camaraderie forged by battle.
  • The House is said to have staked Grace Morganstern, a notable Carthian, in a gathering in Louisville, KY in April 2006. She is known to have somehow gotten into the hands of Suren Gal.
  • Whispers follow the House that lead many to think it has far older origins and the recent paramilitary-like operations of the House would seem to only confirm these rumors.
  • Rumor states they have allies amongst the Trust, the Curia, several respected Dragons, a werewolf pack, and even mages.
  • The House is said to have been instrumental in the defeat of the entity known as "Starmaker" in a large gathering of Kindred in Detroit in January 2006.

Known Telal

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